Sculpture, Painting and Commissioned Work

​John graduated from Wabash College in 2015, with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture). He is now enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree while student teaching. You can read his most recent statement below:

I am a guy who collects. I spend half of my creative time searching around, picking up intriguing discarded objects. I spend the other half of my art making constructing and manipulating the objects, and building formal assemblages. My work is guided by what I call “design restrictions.” These are self-imposed limitations that influence my art process based on the color, the material, or the experience finding the items. I have discovered these design restrictions are helpful in my creative problem solving, as well as in the unification of my overall designs.

            Two of my artistic inspirations are Louise Nevelson and Edouard Martinet, for their attention to craft and detail when manipulating found objects. I tend to work in the same intuitive manner, making decisions in the moment, and allowing plans to develop during the process of creating. I believe that using these found objects is a practice of creating art that is environmentally friendly. Working with these materials in this way, I have developed a more informed perspective of our disposable culture. It has made me reconsider my habits as a part of our throw-away society. As a result, I attempt to discover new meaning in the items most people consider useless. ​


About the Artist